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2009 Chinese Qingdao international theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) amuses the facility
Time:2009/7/19 Information:HaiYang

2009 Chinese Qingdao international theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) amuses facility exposition <dnt> the </dnt>2009 China Qingdao international theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) to amuse facility exposition <dnt> China the scale biggest theme park amusement supposes displays <dnt>     
      China as the world first large population, enhances unceasingly along with the national economy swift growth and the per capita national income; The people pursue the top level, the diverse rest and recreation to expend more and more; The theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) amuses the place to take rest and recreation's important component, the market prospect presents the huge development opportunities. The regional related governments invest the large amount of money construction theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) to amuse in abundance the place; Conducted each kind of leisure amusement activity, the leisure amusement profession marched into a high speed development time; Simultaneously also to conduct the high standard the theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) to amuse the facility exposition to lay the solid foundation.
<dnt> </dnt>   
<dnt> </dnt>   To satisfy the theme park, the amusement place construction demand, the demonstration outstanding scenic area (scenic spot), to impel the Chinese amusement profession well the fast healthy development, initiates to have the technology content, the cultural connotation healthy entertainment leisure idea, impels internationally to tour is content with one's occupation the technological exchange, satisfies the people to the high grade life urgent demand, the Chinese first-class display company - - Guangdong abundant prosperous display service Limited company with serves under somebody's banner the Qingdao abundant peaceful display trade Limited company to obtain the Qingdao Municipal government to support vigorously, receives “the internationalization, the specialization, the brand” manages the exhibition pattern, conducts “2009 China grandly in June 5th, 2009 - 7th in the Qingdao international convention centerThe Qingdao international theme park, the scenic area (scenic spot) amuses the facility exposition and the Chinese Qingdao international rest and recreation industry exposition”, CILEE2009 preinstall location 1000, the display area 200,00 square meters, estimated that the invitation specialized audience attends a meeting 370,00 people; CILEE2009 take the remarkable service, will develop the market, the promotion technological exchange as the enterprise to create the good opportunity. But the same time will conduct “the tenth Chinese Qingdao international hotel thing and the equipment exposition” is manifests the resource sharing, to safeguard exhibitor's participation effect with all one's strength!
<dnt> </dnt>   
<dnt> </dnt>   CILEE2009 host - - Qingdao, is the famous state-level Olympic Games tourist city, the national plan economical single row city, the domestic Japanese and South Korean merchant biggest collection and distribution center; The coastal economy big province's main item, Chinese five big foreign trade ports one, China “most has the economic vitality the city” one; North part of China the most important foreign trade window, is radiates Japanese and South Korean and the link Persian Gulf economic cycle key city.

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